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Cumbria Choice

Barrow Borough Council



  • To achieve a cohesive and sustainable community. 
  • To promote the properties as accommodation designated for mature and older people and seek to let new tenancies to this client group wherever possible. 
  • To encourage greater tenant participation in the process of marketing and letting tenancies.
  • To achieve a higher demand for all properties, particularly flats above ground floor. 


  1. The estate as a whole will be advertised widely as accommodation designated for mature and older people (Age Concern could help in this respect).
  2. A local information pack will be made available at the Housing Department, the Community Centre and other places.
  3. The Residents’ Association will be encouraged to hold open days at the community centre in order to meet prospective tenants informally to ‘sell’ the estate.  Applicants requiring further details will be encouraged to visit the Housing Department.
  4. A member of the Allocations Team will undertake accompanied viewings with prospective tenants to all ‘difficult to let’ properties.
  5. Where no applicant over 55 can be found properties will be let using the following descending scale:
  • 50 – 54 years
  • 45 – 49 years
  • 40 – 44 years
  • 35 – 39 years
  • 30 – 34 years
  • No applicants under 30 years will be considered unless special circumstances exist, eg. disabled person (to be agreed with the Residents Association)
  1. The Residents’ Association will be informed when any new tenancy is allocated, ie. basic details will be provided using a standard form (confidential information will not be given), eg. no. x Grange Crescent let 1/7/01 to couple aged over 55 years.
  2. One block will be designated for over 55s only, with a view to putting in a lift for that block (the block chosen will be the one which has the present highest proportion of older people).  This rule will only be implemented once it is known that a lift can and will be put in.
  3. Any housing applicant who is over 55 years and is currently an owner occupier will be considered for any flat above the ground floor (regardless of equity), and for ground floor flats where no applicants over 55 years can be found after advertising.
  4. Housing applicants over 55 years living outside the Borough will be considered for any flat above the ground floor (HOMES to be advised), using the following priority:
  • Living in the wider Furness area (includes Ulverston, etc.)
  • Living in Cumbria
  • Living outside Cumbria

10. Where a ground floor flat is available it will be let on the basis of need (as per the Cumbria Choice -Choice-Based Lettings Policy), however preference will be given to an existing G&C tenant (living on an upper floor) if they have an equal need to that of an applicant from another area. 

Aside from the above, all other rules stated in the Cumbria Choice Choice Based Lettings Policy will apply. 

Policy Agreed: 26 July 2001
Updated:  April 2011


The Council currently owns 10 sheltered accommodation bungalows in Askam. 

Over recent years very few vacancies have arisen in these properties and potential tenants are selected in accordance with the Cumbria Choice, Choice-Based Lettings Scheme.  

Due to the small amount of this type of property being available in Askam and the lack of alternatives, this Local Lettings Policy seeks to provide priority to existing residents of Askam and Ireleth Parish Council. 


Any housing applicant who is over 55 years or has a physical disability and is resident within Askam and Ireleth Parish Council or has a local connection*, will be considered for this type of accommodation using the following priority: 

  1. Highest medical need – assessments will be determined by the Allocations Team in line with the current allocation policy. 
  2. In the event that applicants are in the same Band, the individual who has the earliest registration date and has been resident longest in Askam will be awarded priority. 

Where no applicant aged 55 years or above can be found resident within Askam and Ireleth Parish Council or with a local connection the following priority should be used: 

  1. Resident in Dalton
  2. Resident in the Borough
  3. Resident outside the Borough 

* Local connection is defined as anybody who has immediate family eg: son or daughter who are resident in Askam and Ireleth Parish Council, or somebody who previously resided in Askam and Ireleth Parish Council, and requires the support of their family. 

Introduced : 19th January 2004
Approved at Executive Committee:  7th January 2004
Updated:  April 2011



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