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The information provided here can be used to help you decide which properties to bid for, by giving you a better idea how popular a particular property or area is and how long you would normally have to wait. You can then decide whether to look for other types of property or areas where you may not have to wait as long.


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Recently let properties for CBL - Advertised between 24/12/2020 and 05/01/2021

Address Property Type Band Effective Date Local Connection to Cumbria Number of bids Bedrooms Local Connection to LA Area Sheltered Medical
Direct Match House Band A 10/12/2020 N/A 9 3 bedrooms No Brampton False No
Sunnymeade, Upperby, CA2 4NT Bungalow Band C 14/01/2020 N/A 1 1 bedroom No Upperby False Yes
Lochinvar Close, Longtown, Carlisle, CA6 5XU House Band C 23/07/2016 N/A 1 3 bedrooms N/A Longtown False No
Allandale Road, Carlisle, CA1 3SJ Flat first floor or above Band B 28/03/2019 N/A 1 1 bedroom No Harraby False No
Ennerdale Avenue, CArlisle, CA1 2TR House Band C 20/01/2020 N/A 1 3 bedrooms No Botcherby False No
Dukeswood Road, Longtown, CA6 5UJ House Band C 02/05/2019 N/A 1 3 bedrooms No Longtown False No
Bright Street, Carlisle, CA2 7JG Ground floor flat Band C 09/06/2020 N/A 1 1 bedroom No Raffles False No
Victory Crescent , Maryport , Cumbria , CA15 7LF House Band D + 06/01/2017 Yes 1 3 bedrooms N/A Netherton False No
Direct Match House Band C 15/01/2020 N/A 13 3 bedrooms N/A Currock False No
Offers are not always made to the top person on the shortlist, to cater for exceptional situations (for example, local lettings policy)
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