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Cumbria Choice

Prioritising Applications

The Bands

Those accepted onto the Register will be placed in one of 5 Bands in accordance with the Cumbria Choice Policy.

Band A - Urgent Need

  • Exceptional need
  • Statutory overcrowded
  • Statutory homeless - priority need
  • Unfit housing
  • Abuse/violence/harrassment

Band B - High Need

  • Two or more* from Band C
  • Move on from supported housing
  • Care leavers via Social Services
  • 16-17 yrs old via Social Services
  • Homeless prevention option
  • Under occupation of 2 or more bedrooms - social landlord tenant only

Band C - Medium Need

  • Non-priority homeless
  • Homeless prevention option
  • Medical need*
  • Employment purposes/give or recieve support*
  • Assessed as overcrowded by Cumbria Choice policy*
  • Under occupation by 1 bedroom -social landlord tenant only*
  • Existing social housing tenants suffering financial hardship as a result of housing benefit changes under The Welfare Reform Act*
  • Non-social housing tenants suffering financial hardhsip where re-housing through Cumbria Choice will alleviate their situation
  • Unsatisfactory housing -where at least one Category 1 hazard has been identified by the Local Authority*

Band D+ - Low Need

  • Assessed as low housing need but have met Partnership Cummunity Contribution criteria e.g. voluntary work, member of a tenants'group, transfer tenant with a positive tenancy history, pre-tenancy qualificationor in  employment.

Band D - Low Need

  • Assessed as having low housing need.

Band E - Reduced Priority

Households will have a reduced priority when:

  • Rent arrears or other hosuing related debt
  • Breach of tenancy conditions
  • Transfer applicant - property not to standard
  • No local connection
  • Sufficient financial resources
  • Refusal of 2 reasonable offers in last 12 months
  • Starter/probationary tenant
  • Under 18 yrs unless meet criteria for offer of accommodation


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