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Cumbria Choice

Step 1 - Registration

How to register

  • Complete an application form online, go to Login/Register or
  • Request an application form from your Local Authority or one of the housing organisations. For contact details, go to Partner Landlords

You must choose one housing organisation to administer your application.  If you are a tenant of a Cumbria Choice partner your application must be administered by them.  If you are a former tenant of a Cumbria Choice partner your application must be administered by them. They will assess your priority for housing and review your application each year.

When you are accepted onto the Register you will receive a letter with your registration number, date of registration and Band - the priority you have been given for housing.  You will need to keep this information as you will need it in the future when you start applying for properties.

It is important that you tell Cumbria Choice immediately of any change in your circumstances as failure to do this may mean that you cannot be offered a property.  

Household type and eligibility

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family. The following table tells you how we normally decide on the number of bedrooms that you are eligible for:

        Number of Bedrooms
 Household Type  Bedsit  1  2  3  4  5
 Single Person  Bedsit  1 Bed  2 Bed      
 Couple  Bedsit  1 Bed  2 Bed      
 2 adults (non couple)      2 Bed      
 2+ adults (non couple)      2 Bed      
 Household with one child      2 Bed      
 Household with two children      2 Bed      
 Household with three children        3 bedrooms  4 Bedrooms  
 Household with 3+ children        3 bedrooms  4 Bedrooms  5 bedrooms

1. In low demand areas applicants are able to bid for a larger property.

2. Households with access to children will not be able to include them as part of the household in relation to property size.

3. In South Lakeland District Council area applicants without children will not be considered for houses.


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