Some properties within Cumbria Choice Based Lettings Scheme may have Section 106 Agreements (S106) attached to them, this is separate to any Local Lettings Policy and will be subject to a particular property or development.

What is a Section 106 Agreement?

A section 106 agreement is an agreement between a developer and a local planning authority about measures that the developer must take to reduce their impact on the community. A section 106 agreement is designed to make a development possible that would otherwise not be possible, by obtaining concessions and contributions from the developer. It forms a section of the Town And Country Planning Act 1990.  Section 106 agreements may also be known as S106 agreements or planning obligations, or section 106 planning agreements, but they all currently refer to the same thing and can be interpreted as equivalent terms. 

How will I identify properties with a Section 106 Agreement?

Section 106 agreements differ from property to property/scheme to scheme and are usually in areas of high demand/low turnover and on new housing developments to secure affordable housing within the new schemes. They will be highlighted on the advert and the requirements of the S106 Agreement will be outlined.  Further checks will be made to ensure the successful applicant meets the requirements of the S106 Agreement before allocating the property.